Litter #2 planned for 2018

Ike x Hustle

We are delighted to announce the upcoming breeding of our Hustle to Lynn and Tom Lanes homebred FC Thistle Rock Red Ike QA2 MH.  Ike X Hustles pedigree and health clearances.

Lynn and Tom have this to say about Ike. "We and all our professionals have never cherry picked the trials we run. We proudly run an extremely challenging Minnesota/Georgia circuit. It is not unusual to see entries exceeding 70-90 dogs in some form of the Open (Limited, Special, restricted) with several NFC, NAFC, FC/AFC competitors from some of the most talented and high profile professional trainers such as Steve Yozamp, Lynn Troy, Dave Rorem, Danny Farmer and Mike Lardy to name a few.

Under Tim Springer’s guidance Ike finished his Derby career with a spot on the Derby list at 22 months.  Within a year he was QAA and has his MH title. Running under Steve Yozamp, Ike currently has a 25% completion rate in the Open together with his win late last year to finish his FC!

Ike is also a sensible, people-oriented dog and a very Handsome boy. He is a Joy to train & have at home. Ike has a rich dark coat with the right amount of feathering. He is a great Field Trial Golden and also our buddy. He is such a personable dog that pro trainer, Steve Yozamp, often brings him inside as his housedog. Ike also gets along with other dogs which is important when airing with 15 or more other males while traveling on a pro Dog truck"



Hustle – Heads Up Steppin’ Out ** SH began her career in hunt tests. On the advice of Dennis Voigt who saw her in a couple of his workshops we attended, Hustle was moved into field trial training in 2017. She just turned three, has run two qualifying stakes earning a third and fourth and is training at the Open level. Hustle will go back to work following her litter.

The water strength and marking ability of these puppies should be outstanding based on the talents of the two parents. Both dogs excel in cold water. The puppies will be a lot of dog. If you are looking for a field trial/hunt test competitor, tournament dog in obedience, or top level agility dog – whatever your goals, these pups will have the bottom, work ethic, stability and the ability to play whatever game you wish.

Puppies available to working homes only, there are no pet home reservations available for this litter. Puppies are priced at $2800 USD, a $500 deposit is required to reserve a puppy. Puppies will undergo extensive testing and will be matched to the criteria of their new owners by us.
Hustle had 10 lovely puppies on February 3, mother and pups are doing well. All the puppies are spoken for.

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